The Fake Wedding

Today, my morning started with a phone call and this conversation:

‘DO you have a dress?’

‘Yes… What kind of dress?’

‘The sort you’d wear to a wedding?’

My first assumption was that my friend was eloping and needed witnesses at 11:30 in the morning… turns out his media buddy was actually filming a wedding scene and needed more extras. I would like to point out that I was in my pj’s when he called, and managed to get there by 12ish, which not only proves I am a superhero when it comes to getting ready, but also how dull my social life is that I have no plans on a Saturday to start with…

But oh my days I had so much fun!! I knew some of the people on the scene so I wasn’t a complete loner, and actually met a load of really cool people :L Although the filming was rather repetitive, it was all very entertaining, and during lunch we got SO MUCH FOOD!!!! Which was naturally a winner for me 😉


I look weird because my mouth is full of brownie 😉


Then the best thing happened!!! There were three tables, mine with 4 people on and a table of 4 guys at the back. WE HAD THE BIGGEST RIFF OFF!! It was so funny, and loud and went from ‘Lollipop’ to ‘I’m Glad I Crashed the Wedding.’ We ended up being told off by the producer in the end for making so much noise :L

But, we all got to take home the balloons, after messing around with the helium 😉 Not a bad Saturday afterall :L


Hidden Gems: The Bookstop Cafe

So my friend recommend this cafe up Steep Hill (luckily, only half way up – although even that is enough to give me an asthma attack apparently) and because I had absolutely nothing else to do today, I decided to take a book and take a hike up there. And it is the cutest thing!

It fairly hidden away and the front steps take you downwards so all there are no windows and you feel almost underground. Once you get there you find every author’s dream, rows of books! You can grab any book on the shelves and just read whilst you drink your coffee. They even have sofas, the real comfy kind! The whole place it lit with fairy lights, it was really surreal to be in there – its like a place I would think up for a book, and I have no doubt I’ll use it as inspiration at one point or another!



The best part of my trip was this snooty lady who I first overheard complaining (in a very snooty voice) about the tea. I think she saw me laugh because she kept giving me dirty looks the rest of the time she was there :L Ah well :L

Tales from the Laundry Room

I don’t really have a story to tell, I’m just insanely bored and waiting in the laundry for my washing in Santa leggings because I can’t get back into my apartment. On the bright, me being in the laundry room is a sign that I FINALLY FINISHED MY WORK!!!

All my projects are done, which I mean I don’t even have to think about the word ‘Graphics’ until Monday when we get new project rotations :L It’s just sad that I’m showing my freedom off my being in the laundry room and not rushing back to work… Yeah, that’s really how exciting my life is.

I should probably explain the Santa leggings – I woke up at 9:35 this morning, and my hand in/studio session had started at nine, so I just sort of grabbed any clothes I could find (got dressed in less than five minutes I might add!) and legged it :L Turns out, I grabbed the Santa leggings… but they’re comfy, so no complaints there 😉 And I’m reluctant to go back to the apartment because I’ve forgotten my key for the third time today (even though I distinctly remember picking it up!) and fear my flatmates may kill me for getting them to let me in again :L

Unfortunately, there isn’t really anywhere in the laundry to sit. We have benches, but they’re really narrow and have no back support. Which means I’m sitting on top of the washer and clinging on to dear life whenever it starts spinning too quickly :L

Any how, I’ll get back to you when something interesting actually happens. In the meantime, here’s an image of a kitty.


If you haven’t already, you need to check these guys out now! Stat!

May I introduce to you, the one and only, Pentatonix.

These guys are absolutely amazing – a small group from Texas that has real talent! They did some sort of talent show and a friend showed me one of their latest videos some time ago – now I’m hooked!

Think they’re just an ordinary group of wannabe singers? Think again! These guys take a cappella to the max, all of the backing, even the beat, is purely their voices. They have a fantastic beat boxer and one guy who can do ridiculously low notes! I’m at a complete loss as to how they do it!

Check out this video, it’s my favourite song of theirs!


Also, check out the beat boxer before he joined the group. I promise from 1:12 it will blow your mind! Kevin is just too amazing for words!

I want to say “a productive day”

So today, I got a great deal done for one of my university projects… the problem is, all it involved was painting a boiler suit. I won’t go into full details (its a bit more than just painting a suit, there’s a sort of point linked to Dazzle Ships). This boiler suit took me all day… I started in my morning session, 9am-1pm, then didn’t leave the studio till 6! It took me four hours to paint one side!!!


No dignity and proud


But I did finish it (the alternative was burning it) without having too many breakdowns over messing up my straight lines and took one thing from this. I look damnnn fine in a boiler suit. Ngl, I’m ashamed to say I got rather attached and ended up wearing the spare pair for a good portion of the day, even venturing down to the cafeteria in them :L The best thing was, some other lecturer was walking round in one and I had to be restrained from asking for a picture.

But spending four hours and getting no where definitely deserves a torrent of fast food, and Pizza Hut is just across the road! We’d intended to just spend £6.99 on the all you can eat buffet, but the waitress was so annoyingly good that we ended up spending over £15 each… on lunch. I got very excited over the unlimited ice-cream :L

The good news is that I had ditched the overalls by this point so we didn’t embrass ourselves too much… until one of my friends knocked over a nice big glass of Tango onto the other girl’s plate :L I was just happy it wasn’t me!

Downside of the day, my lecturer came round taking pictures of the work we were doing, I glare at the camera, and he says ‘you might not want to look at the camera. It’s a delicate lens.’ He said it so deadpan it took a while until the whole studio went ‘ooo!’ My forgiveness lies in my grade for this term!

The problems of a university student, eh?

War of the Wind

Today was an interesting day. I needed to do a fashion shoot for a graphics project and had planned the day for weeks. The last couple of days have been lovely, we’ve had sun, it was even warm enough at one point for me to loose the heavy coat!!!! But today? The weather turned. Hard.

I’m sure the winds were going at least 40 mph, me and my (unwilling) models kept being thrown around everywhere! Although this does make for some brilliant hair shots! Hair everywhere… And then it started to rain as well!!!! We got some very odd looks :L

IMG_5249IMG_5235 IMG_5233 IMG_5230

But miraculously, I actually managed to complete project, and my lecturer seemed none the wiser. I’m really proud of the shot below, and it even worked in black and white! Even if I did have to spend a fortune in McDonalds as compensation for my models 😉

Beth hood

Yeah… real lucky….

So today, a terrible thing happened…. a bird took a dump on me.

The worst thing was, I basically walked into it. I saw the white stuff drop right in front of me, yet did not have the brain power to force my legs to stop mid-walk. Happily, it only hit my leg and we were on the way home anyway :L Not that this encouraged much sympathy from my friends, although I did make them carry the heavy shopping home :L 

On the bright side, the freebie launch I did last weekend went brilliantly! People have actually downloaded my book in India and Japan! It just feels so amazing to know that, even if the whole book thing doesn’t take off, someone, somewhere, on the other side of the world, actually has a copy of something I’ve written. 

Not that this means I forgive the bloody bird.

Free Book Giveaway: Hello World!!!!!!!

Good morning everyone! So today’s an exciting day! For this weekend only, you can download my book Hello World on Kindle for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! You don’t even need a kindle, with the kindle app, you can download many books onto tablets, mac’s and iPhones! So what are you waiting for? 😉

Hello World cover 4
Grief. That’s all Neve can think about, it is the only thing she is really certain about. It dominates her life. Depressed and tormented by an unknown source, Neve is struggling to hold onto her life, until mysterious new boy Jay turns up and sets off a series of unforgettable events. 

But everyone has secrets. Jay’s aren’t dirty secrets though. He won’t break your heart or turn his back on you, he won’t stab you in the back or laugh in your face. No, what Jay keeps hidden is ten times worse and slowly killing him from the inside out.

Jay is determined to save Neve from herself and show her what living really means. Neve is determined not to. After all, how many times can your heart break before it becomes unfixable?

Lessons Learned

This post isn’t really about me… but more on my poor old flatmate who SHOULD have done her uni work before she got back and had me to distract her 😉 Okay, so this is kind of about me.. and how I’m a terrible friend.

It only started because my Sherlock T-shirt finally came in the post. I ordered it before uni but accidentally sent it to my home address, so I was gutted when I didn’t have it in time for the premier of the last episode, which obviously meant the episode had to be rewatched on its arrival. And what an episode it was!!!! Even rewatching it sends me on an emotional roller coaster, and now that Moriaty is alive??? D: D:


Yet, even though the fangirling is over, I’m still sitting my roomate’s room sharing Sherlock conspiracies on Twitter and writing this post. Yeah, I’m a terrible friend… but if your Bestie can’t distract and endanger your grade, who can?

The Dreaded New Year’s Resolutions

Perhaps my first resolution of the year should be not to procrastinate as much. I should be writing an essay, but no, I’m surfing the interweb in search of something more interesting instead. 

Personally, I stopped writing resolutions years ago, when even at the age of thirteen my top two were to eat more healthily and get more exercise. I don’t have a great relationship with exercise, and don’t even get me started on the manky green stuff. But I like to think my physical activity has gotten better, and over the years I’ve gone through stages of keeping up with running (that has to count for something, right?). But now I do dance, and that’s enough to keep my muscles ability to still walk in tact and keep my conscience at ease too.

But yeah, healthy food? Not even close. 

I try for that target of five a day, and I’ve actually gotten better since going to uni because I can always hear my mother’s voice in my head whenever I go food shopping. I even bought fish one time because I could feel her scolding me as I walked past the isle. I don’t even like fish. So I’m going to attempt to eat less chocolate… but again, stressed uni student here. I don’t think that is going to happen, no matter how many times I get told it causes spots. 

I guess my main resolutions then are more like goals… the first to make it into the second year of uni. The second to see my new book does actually become a hit.

So instead, I’ve decided to create a list of anti-resolutions, because I’m not gunna lie, I’m quite happy with life at the moment.

Anti-resolution list:

1. Have at least one all-you-can-buy-in-Morrison’s binge with the flatmate while watching some brilliant film a month, preferably more.

2. Watch ALL of the Disney films – because you’re never too old.

3. Stay in pyjamas all day because the outside is cold.

4. Drag yourself into the lounge at least twice a day, if not just to get more food – you should get some exercise after all. 

5. Continue to order takeout at three in the morning instead of having a nice glass of water and going to bed after a night out, because the takeout drivers should appreciate the work.

6. Don’t listen to Mum’s warnings until proved right… Or all of your clothes shrink in the wash…