This is What Death Feels Like

I have a bit of a rant for you today – I’m ill! It’s the start of the cold season and guess who has one -.-

The worse thing is we got given a new project yesterday, but I am being my usual procrastinating self and writing this blog post instead of writing my essay – so I’m sure I will have a nice little stress out later! But I shouldn’t complain too much, there are much worse things than a cold…

And yet, I’m going to complain anyway…

Happily, I’m in a better state than yesterday though! Yesterday was my worst nightmare. Firstly, I was in uni all day so thats always a long day, but throughout the day this cold just seemed to hit me more and more until I got to the point where I couldn’t eat…

It got to seven at night and I hadn’t had a proper meal since eight that morning, and anyone who knows me knows how much of a catastrophe this is – I usually have two dinners, I’m that sort of eater :L

On a less distressing note, it’s almost Christmas! I bought the best jumper the other day with a penguin in a santa hat, it even has a little bobble on! And yes, I also have my Primark santa leggings at the ready for when I can truly get into the Christmas spirit.

And yet, I haven’t seen the Christmas Coca-Cola advert so far!! It’s not Christmas until you see it on your TV screens, right?


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