Quote of the Day ‘I will Frebreeze the shit about of you’

Have you ever walked past and heard something strange? Or turned to your best friend and come out with something that doesn’t make sense?

We had a project over summer which was to keep our eyes and ears peeled for random phrases we see or hear and then create a range typographic posters based on those phrases. Even though the project has stopped, I still find myself listening absently out for the strangest things. Today I was walking down to the studio and I passed some who said ‘yeah, they had to stop because they found a head in the river.’ The most worrying thing about this is that they could easily have been talking about the kayakers in the Brayford outside Lincoln Uni, which is slightly terrifying :L I almost asked them to clarify, but strangers look at me funny if I try talking to them.

My quote of the day happened about half an hour ago when I came in, lovely and sweaty from dance, and flung myself onto my flatmates newly washed bedding. Granted, she didn’t actually say it until I threatened to rub my armpits against the sheets… was that a bit TMI?

So, if you hear something that catches your attention, try and listen even further! It’s great inspiration if you’re a creative type – it could be a poster, the title of your next post… or just a great anecdote.

Moral of the story, eavesdroppers make the world a better place.



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