My Current Obsession with Taylor Swift

I don’t know about you guys, but my taste in music depends on my mood, location and just what I’m doing that day. I’ll listen to anything as long as it isn’t screaming at me, and yes, I have been known to have One Direction on repeat (so much shame right now).

But my current obsession is good old Taylor Swift! And I’m talking old Swifty. Whilst I love Shake it Off, I thinking she’s taking a change of pace in her music and I can’t decide whether I like some of the new songs on her album yet. So I’ve had all the old classics on repeat for the past few days, mainly the gooey lovey dovey ones – Sparks Fly, Mine, Love Story – which may just be a sign of my depressive single status, but have given me something to sing along to whilst working! Even though they’re pop songs, you can still here the country twist, and isn’t her voice just amazing?

Also, I went through with having my eyebrows done! I didn’t think I’d see much difference but they look surprisingly good :p Somehow it managed to be a more painful yet less painful experience than I imagined, although I could feel the tears welling behind my closed eyes! I also may have sworn loudly at the girls laughing at me (I’ll point out that these girls were my friends, not just a load of ransomers!) I also decided to redye my hair on the same so by evening I looked very different to how I’d woken up.

Oh, and you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve finally learnt the difference between concealer and foundation!


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