The Mysterious World of Make-Up, Brushes and Eyebrows

Firstly, I swear to Cheesus that I will attempt to start blogging again everyday, especially since actual book writing has gone down the drain since starting uni again this year. The tricky part is that I have made this decision in the week before deadline week, so yay me!

Anyhoo, I decided to start writing again today after a bizarre conversation with my flatmates that has led to a full on girlie agenda tomorrow. How did this begin? The lovely Zoella!

For those of you who don’t know, Zoella is a famous Youtuber who vlogs and occasionally does make-up and hair tutorials too. Currently, my two flatmates are obsessed with her and after hearing so much I ended up watching one of her tutorials. I think it was an autumn make-up one?


So I’m there casually staring with confusion at the video when I announce the fact that I didn’t even realise foundation and concealer were different things. Now, I think this is a perfectly normal opinion to have – God knows its a wonder guys can ever keep up with us – but my flatmates looked officially offended.

And it doesn’t even finish at concealer and foundation. I’m still riddled with the idea of a Base, apparently the face isn’t enough of a canvas to put make-up on and so you have to put something else on first? It’s all very confusing. And then there’s a whole eyebrow kit to add to the mix which seems counter productive to me; you have them plucked and then refill them in afterwards? I am in awe.

But don’t get me wrong. I am not against make-up and it’s something I’ve wanted to learn to do decently for years – I can’t even handle liquid eyeliner – and I have no doubt I will be binge watching so much Zoella after posting! All of this however has led to this. Tomorrow… I am getting my eyebrows done… I’ve been told its either really painful, or less painful than plucking (which I can just about handle!). Let me just point out that I do maintain my eyebrows occasionally, they aren’t two furry caterpillars huddled above my eyes – but Mum has been trying to get me to shape them for years, I think she’s genuinely upset that she won’t get to see it.

So yeah, I will definitely be letting you know how that turns out, wish me luck! I’m off to binge watch, night!


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