Not a Fault in Our Stars

I realise that loads of people will be writing reviews etc, but I thought I’d do one anyway because the film was just so brilliant. Me and two friends managed to snap up some last minute tickets the TFIOS fan screening last night, and man, am I glad we did.

Let me tell you why this movie is so great, its the first, and probably only movie I will ever write about; the adaption is 95% spot on.

Obviously, a few scenes have to be cut because you can never fit a whole book into a movie, but it didn’t actually affect the storyline in the movie. In fact, the only scene I was disappointed they missed out on was the yelling match between Gus and his parents before they go to Amsterdam, but they covered it so well it didn’t feel like anything was lost :L

And the dialogue? THEY ACTUALLY QUOTED THE BOOK! SO MANY TIMES THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY SAY IT IS THE FILM OF THE BOOK. Especially the scene where Hazel and Augustus talk properly for the first time and he whacks out the cigarette packet, that was spot on :L It’s the little things that make me happy :L

One of the funnies scenes - I love Isaac!

One of the funnies scenes – I love Isaac!

Also, all of the actors can actually act. So many movies are ruined by lack of emotion or someone being overly dramatic, but these performances were beautiful and realistic, so much so that I actually cried. I didn’t even cry at the book, but by God when Hazel was reading Gus’s letter at the end did I cry!!!!

This adaption was just so perfect, so well done to the cast, directors and John Green (even though your scene got cut in the end). And if you haven’t already, watch this movie!!!!!!!


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