A Brand New Day

Now that I’ve actually got some time to myself, I’ve decided to do a little renovation on the Hello World front – which means, NEW COVER!!!

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been too fond of the old one. But I was in a new craft shop in Bedford yesterday (I got way too excited yesterday, running round buying props for photography and everything) and it gave me an idea. I love doing paper cut outs, and have used them for a number of graphic projects during the year, so I thought maybe I could use it in the cover.

My Bits and Bobs

My Bits and Bobs

Which is what I did! It was fairly simple to make, I drew the characters and objects onto pages from a book and then cut around them using nail scissors (if you do any sort of craft, nail scissors are amazing for cutting out fiddly bits!) Then I scanned all the parts in and assembled them on photoshop, adding drop shadows and a final gradient 🙂 simples! I hope you guys like it! I’m hoping I can use this style again for other books 😀

Final Cover :D

Final Cover 😀


Just out of interest, which one do you guys prefer, old or new? 🙂



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