The Fake Wedding

Today, my morning started with a phone call and this conversation:

‘DO you have a dress?’

‘Yes… What kind of dress?’

‘The sort you’d wear to a wedding?’

My first assumption was that my friend was eloping and needed witnesses at 11:30 in the morning… turns out his media buddy was actually filming a wedding scene and needed more extras. I would like to point out that I was in my pj’s when he called, and managed to get there by 12ish, which not only proves I am a superhero when it comes to getting ready, but also how dull my social life is that I have no plans on a Saturday to start with…

But oh my days I had so much fun!! I knew some of the people on the scene so I wasn’t a complete loner, and actually met a load of really cool people :L Although the filming was rather repetitive, it was all very entertaining, and during lunch we got SO MUCH FOOD!!!! Which was naturally a winner for me 😉


I look weird because my mouth is full of brownie 😉


Then the best thing happened!!! There were three tables, mine with 4 people on and a table of 4 guys at the back. WE HAD THE BIGGEST RIFF OFF!! It was so funny, and loud and went from ‘Lollipop’ to ‘I’m Glad I Crashed the Wedding.’ We ended up being told off by the producer in the end for making so much noise :L

But, we all got to take home the balloons, after messing around with the helium 😉 Not a bad Saturday afterall :L


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