The Fake Wedding

Today, my morning started with a phone call and this conversation:

‘DO you have a dress?’

‘Yes… What kind of dress?’

‘The sort you’d wear to a wedding?’

My first assumption was that my friend was eloping and needed witnesses at 11:30 in the morning… turns out his media buddy was actually filming a wedding scene and needed more extras. I would like to point out that I was in my pj’s when he called, and managed to get there by 12ish, which not only proves I am a superhero when it comes to getting ready, but also how dull my social life is that I have no plans on a Saturday to start with…

But oh my days I had so much fun!! I knew some of the people on the scene so I wasn’t a complete loner, and actually met a load of really cool people :L Although the filming was rather repetitive, it was all very entertaining, and during lunch we got SO MUCH FOOD!!!! Which was naturally a winner for me 😉


I look weird because my mouth is full of brownie 😉


Then the best thing happened!!! There were three tables, mine with 4 people on and a table of 4 guys at the back. WE HAD THE BIGGEST RIFF OFF!! It was so funny, and loud and went from ‘Lollipop’ to ‘I’m Glad I Crashed the Wedding.’ We ended up being told off by the producer in the end for making so much noise :L

But, we all got to take home the balloons, after messing around with the helium 😉 Not a bad Saturday afterall :L


Hidden Gems: The Bookstop Cafe

So my friend recommend this cafe up Steep Hill (luckily, only half way up – although even that is enough to give me an asthma attack apparently) and because I had absolutely nothing else to do today, I decided to take a book and take a hike up there. And it is the cutest thing!

It fairly hidden away and the front steps take you downwards so all there are no windows and you feel almost underground. Once you get there you find every author’s dream, rows of books! You can grab any book on the shelves and just read whilst you drink your coffee. They even have sofas, the real comfy kind! The whole place it lit with fairy lights, it was really surreal to be in there – its like a place I would think up for a book, and I have no doubt I’ll use it as inspiration at one point or another!



The best part of my trip was this snooty lady who I first overheard complaining (in a very snooty voice) about the tea. I think she saw me laugh because she kept giving me dirty looks the rest of the time she was there :L Ah well :L