Tales from the Laundry Room

I don’t really have a story to tell, I’m just insanely bored and waiting in the laundry for my washing in Santa leggings because I can’t get back into my apartment. On the bright, me being in the laundry room is a sign that I FINALLY FINISHED MY WORK!!!

All my projects are done, which I mean I don’t even have to think about the word ‘Graphics’ until Monday when we get new project rotations :L It’s just sad that I’m showing my freedom off my being in the laundry room and not rushing back to work… Yeah, that’s really how exciting my life is.

I should probably explain the Santa leggings – I woke up at 9:35 this morning, and my hand in/studio session had started at nine, so I just sort of grabbed any clothes I could find (got dressed in less than five minutes I might add!) and legged it :L Turns out, I grabbed the Santa leggings… but they’re comfy, so no complaints there 😉 And I’m reluctant to go back to the apartment because I’ve forgotten my key for the third time today (even though I distinctly remember picking it up!) and fear my flatmates may kill me for getting them to let me in again :L

Unfortunately, there isn’t really anywhere in the laundry to sit. We have benches, but they’re really narrow and have no back support. Which means I’m sitting on top of the washer and clinging on to dear life whenever it starts spinning too quickly :L

Any how, I’ll get back to you when something interesting actually happens. In the meantime, here’s an image of a kitty.



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