I want to say “a productive day”

So today, I got a great deal done for one of my university projects… the problem is, all it involved was painting a boiler suit. I won’t go into full details (its a bit more than just painting a suit, there’s a sort of point linked to Dazzle Ships). This boiler suit took me all day… I started in my morning session, 9am-1pm, then didn’t leave the studio till 6! It took me four hours to paint one side!!!


No dignity and proud


But I did finish it (the alternative was burning it) without having too many breakdowns over messing up my straight lines and took one thing from this. I look damnnn fine in a boiler suit. Ngl, I’m ashamed to say I got rather attached and ended up wearing the spare pair for a good portion of the day, even venturing down to the cafeteria in them :L The best thing was, some other lecturer was walking round in one and I had to be restrained from asking for a picture.

But spending four hours and getting no where definitely deserves a torrent of fast food, and Pizza Hut is just across the road! We’d intended to just spend £6.99 on the all you can eat buffet, but the waitress was so annoyingly good that we ended up spending over £15 each… on lunch. I got very excited over the unlimited ice-cream :L

The good news is that I had ditched the overalls by this point so we didn’t embrass ourselves too much… until one of my friends knocked over a nice big glass of Tango onto the other girl’s plate :L I was just happy it wasn’t me!

Downside of the day, my lecturer came round taking pictures of the work we were doing, I glare at the camera, and he says ‘you might not want to look at the camera. It’s a delicate lens.’ He said it so deadpan it took a while until the whole studio went ‘ooo!’ My forgiveness lies in my grade for this term!

The problems of a university student, eh?


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