War of the Wind

Today was an interesting day. I needed to do a fashion shoot for a graphics project and had planned the day for weeks. The last couple of days have been lovely, we’ve had sun, it was even warm enough at one point for me to loose the heavy coat!!!! But today? The weather turned. Hard.

I’m sure the winds were going at least 40 mph, me and my (unwilling) models kept being thrown around everywhere! Although this does make for some brilliant hair shots! Hair everywhere… And then it started to rain as well!!!! We got some very odd looks :L

IMG_5249IMG_5235 IMG_5233 IMG_5230

But miraculously, I actually managed to complete project, and my lecturer seemed none the wiser. I’m really proud of the shot below, and it even worked in black and white! Even if I did have to spend a fortune in McDonalds as compensation for my models 😉

Beth hood


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