Revenge of the Gnomes!

So I haven’t had a chance to post in a while and this one is pretty random so brace yourselves….

Pretty random huh? Well I’m writing this purely because I have found a TV advert that I actually wish would come on telly more often…. When I’m fast-forwarding through adverts, I will actually pause to play this advet… the advert being the new Ikea one, the one with the flying gnomes….
And yes, I’m aware this makes me extremely sad… but seriously… this face…
There is one slight problem though… we don’t own any gnomes but we do own a small stone statue of two children picking flowers or something. It’s always freaked me out, especially after the first Doctor Who episode with the stone angels, but I’m certain now that freaky stuff is going on with that statue….
Random Rant: Why is gnome spelt with a g? It’s not a word I write often and although I know perfectly well its spelt with a g, I still tried to spell it with a k and stared at the screen for a good few minutes trying to work out what was wrong with the spelling… not one of my brightest moments.
Also, I tried to use a free 6 chicken nuggest coupon in McDonalds today to find out they expired yesterday… heart broken </3
(P.S. I just looked at the window to confirm what the statue looked like and I genuinely can’t see it in the garden… already barring the doors and blocking the windows.)

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