As Per Tradition: Le Introduction

Hey folks,

So I used to sit in a different corner of the internet on, but after a few friends started their own blogs here, they bullied me (they would say persuaded) into moving onto WordPress. You can find their awesome blogs at,, and (and they didn’t even have to pay for advertising ;)).

So, for the actual blog posts, I’ll probs bring in a few more photography aspects, little rants, inspirational artists and maybe post some of my own stuff from time to time since it will give me more to write about, but for my 1 reader (2 readers on a good day) from my old blog, I’ll carry on with my random posts or rants, probably reposting some of my old stuff πŸ™‚

As for the name, who does need small talk? It’s always awkward and boring, it’s a lot more fun to strike up random conversations about flying gnomes or how A Brand New World from Aladdin is actually a very dodgy song if you take out the magic carpet. Unfortunately, it’s not always socially acceptable to talk about these things with random strangers, so I’m going to type it down and make you guys read it instead. And I know I keep mentioning flying gnomes, but if you’ve seen the recent Ikea advert you’d understand, Β and hopefully one of my posts will clear that up πŸ˜‰

Until then, Ciao.



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